Guitar Review – Bluesmaster Custom 59 – Johan Gustavsson luthier

With the Bluesmaster Custom 59 built by luthier Johan Gustavsson ( we are clearly in the category of exceptional guitars! This guitar made in Sweden in 2005 is the top of the crop. The marriage of Les Paul and Telecaster shapes will probably not please everyone but we at The Guitar Channel are loving it.

Test setup

  • Sound path: guitar > Savage Anasounds pedal > Fulltender JGHG pedal > Amp
  • Amp: clean channel of combo Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary 1962-1992
  • Sound: Sennheiser e906 mic in front of the HP
  • Post-production : Reverb 20% Average Room added in Final Cut Pro

Bluesmaster Custom 59 - Gustavsson

Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

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