Guitar Review – Martin 000-15SM: 100% Mahogany

The Martin 000-15SM that you will discover in this review is my personal guitar which I acquired to return to playing the steel string acoustic guitar to regain the taste of pure sound without artifice. At C.F. Martin, the reference 000 designates the shape of the body, the figure 15 indicates that the guitar is entirely made of Mahogany (back, sides and table). The S of SM means slotted head".

Guitar Review - Martin 000-15SM


This guitar is a real pleasure to play. In fact it was love at first sight on this 000 as soon as I had played the first chord in the store and this it was confirmed later. The choice of 12 fret out of body format may seem like another time but on the one hand it seems that it improves the sound of the instrument because it slightly shifts the position of the bridge and on the other hand this constraint of play forces you to play differently.

Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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