Walrus Audio Iron Horse distorsion pedal review

Walrus Audio is an american builder of pedals. They propose a wide range of products. Here's a video review of the Iron Horse distorsion pedal. Get ready for some big and fat saturated tones with this gain machine!

Walrus Audio


Walrus Audio Iron Horse distorsion pedal review

Walrus Audio Iron Horse distorsion pedal review

Review setup

Guitar used : Spartan Springer with a single P90 pickup (Haussel)

Springer Spartan - TV White

Sound : the base clean sound used throughout the review is provided by an Apollo Twin Universal Audio interface in which the guitar is plugged directly. The Fender Deluxe plugin is used with a touch of reverb.

Universal Audio Fender Deluxe amp plugin - The Guitar Channel

What we enjoyed the most

  • The quality of the sounds
  • The build quality
  • The look of the pedal
  • The 3 distorsion modes

What we enjoyed the least

  • The difference in level between the three modes


The Iron Horse provides a wide range of tones from heavy crunch to full distorsion. It's very quiet even in the high gain settings. The 3 distorsion modes provide a lot of variation. The middle position is the more dynamic to ourĀ ears when the 2 other positions bring more gain and compression.

This is the first time (and not the last) that we review a pedal from Walrus Audio. The Iron Horse ($169) is a very good choice if you are into big saturated tones. It's not a distorsion pedal for nothing as it is clearly aimed at the high gain realm.

Until the next Gear Review, keep on playing the guitar!


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