Plugin Review – Friedman BE100 amp by Universal Audio

Here's a video review of the Friedman BE100 plugin available in the Universal Audio Apollo interface. Friedman is well know for the quality of their high gain tube amp. That's why I was very curious to test drive the plugin based on the BE100 model.

Setup used for the review

The guitar used is a double humbucker instrument built by luthier Benoît Guilbert and loaded with a pair of Dominger pickups.

Soul Renegade - Benoit Guilbert

The instrument was plugged straight into the Apollo Twin Duo interface. The recording was done on two tracks on a Macbook Air using GarageBand. Just a touch of reverb was added to the guitar track.

Friedman BE100 Universal Audio plugin video review

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Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar !

Pierre Journel.

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