Mason Marangella interview – Vertex

Here's a Mason Marangella interview done via Skype. Mason is the mastermind behind Vertex, the boutique pedal builder. The interview was a good opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Mason about his approach to pedal building. We covered a lot of subjects in the interview, including the controversial story about his Wah and chorus pedal.

Vertex website:

Questions asked in the Mason Marangella interview

  • 1st guitar
  • How did you become a pedal builder?
  • How do you usually develop a new pedal?
  • Tell us about the boost pedal you have released recently?
  • Same with Dynamic Distorsion ?
  • Same with Steel String Clean ?
  • On September 7th 2014 you came clean in a blog post on The Gear Page about the Axis Wah, where are you now on this ?
  • Any top secret project you are working on you can share with us?
  • What's the best piece advice you give to enhance the tone of guitar players?

Vertex pedals

VertexBoost VertexSteelString VertexDynamicDistorsion

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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