Phase Lag pedal by Anasounds, an awesome phaser

Anasounds is a French boutique pedal builder based in Nice in the South of France. They have a large range of pedals with fuzz, overdrive, distortion, delay and the Phase Lag pedal, a very cool phaser with some interesting hidden features. That's the pedal I review in the video below.

Anasounds website:

Phase Lag pedal video review

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  • Analog phaser
  • Rate and Regen controls
  • Internal Dip switch to change the function of the pedal
  • True by-pass
  • 185,90 €
  • Anasounds website:


Setup used for the review

Pedal order : Polytune tuner > Henretta Emerald Prince (not used in this video) > Pimento > Plextortion > Phase Lag > JHS Delay (not used in this video) > Torpedo CAB > Flint > Audio interface

The stereo output of the Flint (reviewed here) is connected to the audio interface MOTU Ultralite mk 3.

Phase Lag pedal by @AnasoundsFr, an awesome phaser - Pedal Review

Guitar used : Monster Relic Strat loaded with Hepcat pickups


What I enjoyed the most

  • The quality of the sounds
  • The possibility to customize the pedal with the internal Dip switch
  • The quality of the construction (look at the pic of the board below!)
  • The design of the pedal


What I enjoyed the least

  • The position of the buttons are not super visible when you stand up


If you are looking for a cool sounding phaser able to do much more than the MXR Phase 90 tricks, check-out this great pedal. The sounds you get with this pedal are great regardless of the settings, even for the more extreme ones. It sounds cool in clean and saturated tones.

You also have the added bonus of being able to change the function of the pedal with the internal Dip switch.

Plus, the nice wood plate of the top of the pedal has a great visual impact on a pedalboard.

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Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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