2014 Holy Grail Guitar show – The best luthier show in the world

Let me say it upfront the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show was a great success. It is without doubt the best luthiers salon I've ever been to. Organized by the EGB (European Guitar Builders Association) with a core team of 8 volunteers composed of luthiers and luthiers women, this first edition was a masterstroke.

What's the Holy Grail Guitar show? 115 luthiers coming from 22 countries, with 4 guitars average per table, so around 500 guitars in a big hotel in Berlin for 2 days!

As a reference, here is a list of events dedicated partly or entirely to the guitar which I had the opportunity to go:

Reasons for success of the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show

  • Phenomenal quality of luthiers
  • Excellent concept of having only guitar builders
  • Impeccable organization
  • Quality of the conferences
  • Testing rooms
  • The lounge of the luthiers
  • Mini-concert demo
  • The luthiers dinner Friday night: a superb opportunity to make initial contact before the show. And very good food!

Photo album

The 2015 Holy Grail Guitar show: the best luthier salon in the world
Hall #1
The 2015 Holy Grail Guitar show: the best luthier salon in the world
Hall #2
The 2015 Holy Grail Guitar show: the best luthier salon in the world
The testing rooms

My suggestions to further improve

Honestly the event was such a success, my list is really composed of small improvements. In fact, it was difficult to believe it was the first edition.

  • Video shoot all conferences and broadcast them live. The one of Juha Ruokangas on Thermo Treated Wood was excellent.
  • Provide all (exhibitors, visitors and media) WiFi access for communication during the event
  • Increase the use of Twitter in the account @HolyGrailGuitar propose an official hashtag # HGGS2014?

The Guitar Channel takeway of the show

In a few key points:

  • 21 interviews (see list below) with a selection of top guns of the domain
  • 200 pictures (album available via the Backstage private community)
  • Many discussions all day long with guitar enthusiasts
  • The meeting with a few living legend luthiers (Ken Parker, Grit Laskin, etc.)
  • The discovery of new luthiers
  • Received congratulations and encouragement from Ulrich Teuffel or Juha Ruokangas (I can tell you that it's super cool!)

To finance these few days in Berlin was a real bet for The Guitar Channel. I think I can already say that it succeeds because it allowed me to generate high quality content (yes, I dare say that) that has already begun to attract additional new Backstage Pass owners.

Beyond my commercial approach to transform The Guitar Channel into a viable business, these days were also the opportunity to build very promising links with foreign luthiers we have very few opportunities to meet France.


This event should be a model for equivalent events in France: the EGB proved that it was possible. Striking demonstration. And let no one tell me that it would not be possible in France.  When we want to sell high-end products such as luthier guitars, you need a high-end event.

In short, I'm looking forward to the 2015 edition and congratulations to the organizers and all the volunteers who made this show such a success.


The video above is a teaser of the 21 interviews
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List of people interviewed on The Guitar Channel

Day 1

  1. Kaz Goto from Jersey Girl Homemade guitars - Japan
  2. Michiro Matsuda - USA
  3. Juha Ruokangas - Finland
  4. Sylvan from Relish Guitars - Switzerland
  5. Jens Ritter - Germany
  6. Harry Häussel - Germany
  7. Christophe Leduc - France
  8. Philippe Clain - France
  9. Sophie Dockx from Dorian Guitars - Germany


Day 2

  1. Giulio Negrini - Italy
  2. Ken Parker - USA
  3. Lars Rasmussen - Sweden
  4. Frank Hartung - Germany
  5. Doug Kauer - USA
  6. Kari Nieminen from Versoul - Finland
  7. Simon from the Leonardo Guitar Research Project - Europe
  8. Brian from the Leonardo Guitar Research Project - Europe
  9. Claudio Pagelli - Italy
  10. Frank Deimel - Germany
  11. William Grit Laskin - Canada
  12. Ulrich Teuffel - Germany



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