Juha Ruokangas interview – Builder of the Captain Nemo guitar and the Valvebucker

Juha Ruokangas was one of the guitar builder I really wanted to meet during the Holy Grail Guitar Show, that's why I was thrilled to do a 45min video interview with him. Juha has established a brand so highly regarded in the guitar world that I had a tons of questions to ask him. Furthermore, he had just finished one week earlier a 3 year long project with the Captain Nemo guitar (see below) so he had a lot to tell.

Subjects discussed in the interview

  • His first guitar
  • How he became a guitar luthier
  • How he came up with the idea of the Captain Nemo guitar
  • All the details about the ValveBucker which powers the Captain Nemo guitar
  • A complete visit of the guitar
  • How he co-organized the Holy Grail Guitar Show with a core team of 8 people from the EGB
  • And more !

Juha Ruokangas interview: builder of the Captain Nemo guitar and world class luthier

The video above is an extract of the 45min interview
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On top of that Juha is the VP of the European Guitar Builders association so we also talked about how the Holy Grail Guitar Show came to exist.

Guitares Ruokangas

The Backstage Pass will allow you to view as well as the other interviews done in Berlin with guitar building legends such as Ken Parker, William "Grit" Laskin, Michihiro Matsuda and many more.


The Captain Nemo guitar presented at the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Nemo guitar 1

Nemo guitar ValveBucker

Box Nemo 1
The box to power the Captain Nemo guitar

Box Nemo 2

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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