Frankenstrat Project – End of part 1

One day in June I went to see my luthier Patrick Querleux to get the guitar finished of the Frankenstrat Project. It was almost finished. Almost because it was still missing the humbucker.

Having received from a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers Whole Lotta to test, I thought it would be a good way to do this test even if these pickups are for a Les Paul type guitar.

seymour duncan whole lotta humbucker
The Whole Lotta pickups Seymour Duncan received for the test
The Frankenstrat and humbucker
It lacks only a way to sing!
Removing the cover plate to mount the humbucker

The specs of Whole Lotta indicates a level of output rather vintage, gold, if I remember correctly, the first incarnations of Frankenstrat of Uncle Eddie was equipped with a micro Gibson recovered from a 335 ES.

Patrick mounting the humbucker
Patrick doing the last settings before testing!

So, it remains to record a soundseeing of the beast once I get acquainted with it!

The partners involved in this project:

+ EG Solidbody who made the beautiful ash body and provides the neck and tuning machines
+ Hantug for vibrato vintage style
+ Seymour Duncan humbucker for Whole Lotta
+ Patrick Querleux for everything else (paint, varnish, setup)

Guitares Pat Querleux




For your information here is the complete budget for this kind of instrument:

€ 86 two-piece ash body (EG solidbody)
€ 44 Vibrato Vintage 6 Screw
€ 169 Neck (EG solidbody)
€ 35 Gotoh (EG solidbody)
€ 150 Humbucker (depending on the selected pickup)
€ 600 Paint, varnish, setup by Patrick Querleux (including cover plate, screws, etc..)
Approximately € 1,084

The beauty when finished!
First test on my 6101 Marshall galo, it sounds awesome!
The Frankenstrat next to its "big sister" EBMM EVH

This is the end of part 1 with the delivery of this guitar. There will be more adventures with the Frankenstrat, we'll talk soon.


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