The Guitar Channel private community

A big component of the Backstage Pass which is often the most appreciated by the backstagers is the access to the private community. Contrary to what you can find in open forums on the Internet, the quality of exchange between the backstagers is very high. We all share the same passion for the guitar and it shows.

There are 2 ways to access the private community:

How to access the private community

  • You must have a valid Backstage Pass
  • You must be added to one or the other communities, or both if you feel like it by the administrator

The Facebook private group

Closed Facebook for the Backstage Pass owners

The interaction between premium subscribers

This is a private discussion space where there are rich discussions among enthusiasts to:

  • Talk about guitar and music
  • Exchange with passionate
  • Do good business with confidence with fellow backstagers
  • Suggest new guests
  • Share tips (used equipment , etc.)

Additional content for subscribers

It's also a place where a lot of additional content is posted like for example all the pics taken during a guitar show like the NAMM or the Musikmesse. You will also find there photos from interviews done with the artists.


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