Simplifier Zero Watt DSM & Humboldt fully analog guitar preamp review

The Simplifier Zero Watt from the Chilean brand DSM & Humboldt ( is a fully analog guitar preamp that offers the three standard tube amp types. So we find the Fender Blackface sound, the VOX AC30 sound and finally the Marshall Plexi sound.

The unit has a very small footprint since it is just the size of a standard Boss pedal. Equipped with a multitude of settings and a very complete connection system, including a stereo effect loop, this preamplifier is a real winner.

But the surprises do not stop at the preamp part since it also offers a simulation of speakers (1x12, 2x12 and 4x12) and microphone placement. And it also has the luxury to do it in stereo!

Simplifier Zero Watt preamp review

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Pierre Journel.

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