Travis Lingley interview at Suhr Guitars about the Aura model launch

Suhr Guitars took advantage of NAMM 2018 to launch his solid-body guitar model inspired by the Les Paul, the model Aura (the name of the John Suhr's wife). The Guitar Channel went to the Suhr booth to learn all about Suhr Aura!

One of the highlight of the NAMM was to do a selfie with John Suhr himself! I sure hope we will be able to do an interview at his factory in the future:

John Suhr with (a very happy) Pierre Journel - NAMM 2018 - The Guitar Channel

Travis Lingley interview - Suhr Aura presentation

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Travis Lingley interview (@SuhrCustom) - Suhr Aura model launch - The Guitar Channel

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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