How to setup to play electric guitar on the go

What's more enjoyable than playing guitar outside in a nice weather or just during a business trip or vacation? For acoustic guitar, nothing more simple since, as per definition, the amplification system is integrated with the instrument.

For electric guitars, it is different because our dear electrified instruments need at least an amp to operate. Here's an overview of possible solutions for playing guitar in mobility:

  • Mini-Amp
  • Headphones
  • Hybrid system

Update: 9/5/16

Mini-amp solution

There are many electric guitar amplifiers which combine the advantage of being very compact and battery operated. The Marshall MS-2 is one of the models that use a single 9v battery for many long hours of play. It has been the choice of The Guitar Channel for many years.


Complete list of The Guitar Channel mobile setup

  • 1 amp Marshall MS-2 (35 €)
  • 1 reverb pedal Boss RV-5 (or other reverb / delay, battery operated)
  • 1 jack to connect the guitar to the pedal
  • 1 mini-jack to connect the pedal to the amp
  • 1 metronome Korg MA-1 (15 €)
  • 1 HP Bluetooth (eg EU Boom) used to run the chord charts with the app iReal Pro
  • Optional: external battery to avoid buying too regular 9v batteries

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