Sustainable Guitar Review: the Ethiq in bamboo by Alquier Guitar

The guitar tested in this video is the electric model Ethiq range presented in Berlin during the 2nd edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show by luthier Jean-Yves Alquier. The characteristic of this range is that it is made of bamboo from 65% to 100% as in the case of the guitar tested in this video. So this might be one of the first sustainable guitar from a luthier.

Ethiq Jean-Yves Alquier

We clearly see in the photo below how the body of the guitar is composed. These bamboo slats are assembled sets and then sculpted to give the body shape.

Ethiq Electric guitar inside - Jean-Yves Alquier

Pedal board used for the review

Review pedal board - Jean-Yves Alquier

What I liked

  • The design
  • The sounds
  • The switch 6 positions
  • The general ergonomics
  • The innovative approach with bamboo

What I liked least

  • The weight is bit high compared to a standard Strat
  • The textured finish will not suit everyone

Conclusion about this sustainable guitar

After the effect of surprise and novelty related by playing on a bamboo instrument, one focus on the essentials, namely on the guitar itself. We forget very quickly the raw material used (as on any guitar for that matter!) to fully appreciate an electric guitar that sounds great in all 6 positions.

You might like it or not the slightly textured finish of the guitar. Personally I'm not super fan but it's really a matter of taste.

Since this is an 000 serial number, so almost a prototype, it's already an excellent all round guitar. The Benedetti pickups specially designed for this guitar sound great. Probably an effect of the bamboo covers. Just joking...

Ethiq Electric guitar - Jean-Yves Alquier

Until the next gear review, keep on playing your guitar and check-out your local luthier in the Guitar Resources Map.


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