Video of the 2015 Zane Carney Masterclass in Paris

Zane Carney was in Paris as part of his 1st solo european tour. Unfortunately he had no date for a concert in France (hopefully next time!) but he was super enthusiastic to give another masterclass at Guitars Addicts like last year.

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The masterclass was recorded in video with 2 HD cameras and high quality sound and is available for the Backstage Pass owners. Above is either the full first part if you are already a backstager or an extract to give you an idea of what to expect if you choose to become one.


What to expect in the full Zane Carney masterclass

  • In-depth talk about music theory
  • What to play on the V chord
  • Several full pieces of music played
  • His approach to composition
  • How he practice with and without the guitar
  • His theory about relative pitch
  • The story about his upcoming Jazzica signature model with Hofner
  • A full demo of his travel pedal board

Souvenirs photos from the masterclass

Zane Carney pedalboard
Zane Carney travel pedalboard
Under Zane Carney pedalboard
The 2 power supply under Zane pedalboard: one for the US, one for Europe
Zane PJ Georges 2
From left to right: a very happy me, Zane and Georges, the store manager from Guitars Addicts
Zane Carney trying a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe for John Mayer
Zane trying a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe for John Mayer


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