Ruokangas Luthier Chronicle with Juha

The video above is a teaser for a series of nine chronicles recorded with master luthier Juha Ruokangas from Ruokangas Guitars ( After doing an interview with Juha during the first Holy Grail Guitar Show, I wanted to go even deeper into the lutherie world and start the Luthier Chronicle to learn more about the wonderful instrument we all love. So I contacted him and he accepted right away to share his vast knowledge about guitar building by answering all my questions on specific themes (see the list below).

The result is a some high quality content in video with lots and lots of information and insights about guitar building.

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Subjects covered in the series

  • Captain Nemo guitar update (see extract below)
  • Being a luthier in Finland
  • Favorite woods
  • Thermo treated wood
  • Varnish, nitro-cellulose, etc.
  • Aging of thermo treated wood guitars
  • Pickups
  • Short or long tenon?
  • For or against CNC machine?
Here's Juha and me during the Skype call to record the chronicle

The videos will be published regularly and accessible with the Backstage Pass ($US6/month).

Extract of the 1st Luthier Chronicle: Captain Nemo guitar update

Here's below an extract of the first video published where Juha gives a full update about the Captain Nemo guitar project. Learn what's coming up with the Valve Bucker and more.




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