Report of the Springer Guitars special events organized by The Guitar Channel

Regularly The Guitar Channel organizes special events to showcase guitar builders in a rehearsal studio where it is possible to both try the instrument in a real playing environment and exchange with the luthier. Last week-end saw two events like that with Springer Guitars as the main focus points. The luthier Mikaël Springer was there in person to engage with the guitar aficionados.


Video coverage

A 2min video to get an idea of the events:

Springer Guitar Gear Evening Nov. 4th

Here's the group of guitar aficionados on Friday evening with 8 Springer guitars to try :


Here are the first 6 guitars that evening, 2 more arrived a bit later:


Jams, jams and more jams:


Springer Guitars Gear Afternoon Nov. 5th

We were close to 20 people on Saturday afternoon with a record breaking number of 10 Springer guitars!


The 9 Springer guitars of the day:


On this day we even had the opportunity to witness that very special moment where a luthier gives the finished instrument to the new owner for the very first time:



It is during Special Event like those that we can really engage with the luthier and with the other passionate guitar people. What a blast to play that many luthier guitars in a high quality studio!

Thanks a ton to Mikaël who drove 800km back and forth with 5 guitars to be there, to present his work and answer all the questions from the avid guitar junkies who came on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.


You want to present your work in a Special Event?

You are a professional guitar luthier, amp or pedal builder and want to be the center of a Special Event like the one organized for Springer Guitars? It's one of the benefit of the pro partnership.  So subscribe and we'll talk!

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