Tomo Fujija explains the Mixolydian mode on Instagram

Tomo Fujita is an active musician on Instagram. I highly recommend to follow him on his account @tomojustfunky because he often posts very cool clips with a high pedagogical value. Here's an example below where he talks about the Mixolydian mode with an example easy to implement.

It's a 2 chord vamp: F/G (F chord with G on bass) and Ab/Bb (Ab chord with a Bb on bass)


To play Mixolydian on the first chord, you play the C major scale. On the second, you play Eb major scale. And off you go! Hours of fun and work.

To get the sound of this mode as well as the intervals, it is highly recommended to play on one string. This forces to play more melodic than up and down as we too often do we guitarist.

One application of modes here. G7...G Mixo which is CMajor scale (no flats and no sharps) then Bb7... Bb Mixo which is Eb Major scale ( 3 flats.. Bb. Eb and Ab) so here we go! If you like this, please share this to your friends today!

Une vidéo publiée par Tomo Fujita (@tomojustfunky) le

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