NAMM 2016 week-end – Pure craziness

NAMM 2016 week-end: crazy Saturday and Sunday! The organization is announcing around 100 000 visitors for this year edition so you can imagine the week-end is crazy busy. In the afternoon it's becoming really difficult to walk in some part of the shows.

Interviews of the day

  • Sébastien Aquilina - One of the only French luthier present at NAMM who produces great basses
  • Adam Miller - The gifted Australian guitar player
  • Josh Smith - A musician I recently discovered in the No Guitar Is Safe podcast
  • Julien Bitoun - Interview in French with one of my favorite show commentator
  • Pascal Mulot - Interview in French with one of our best bass player

NAMM 2016 week-end - Photo selection

Here are a few pics from the hundreds photos available to the Backstage Pass owners on the private community.

Mosaique NAMM2016 Day 3

This Agile guitar has 10 strings. Will it be enough?

NAMM2016 D3 Kaliom

A cool looking guitar from James Trussart which would go very well with my famous flowery shirts.

NAMM2016 D3 Trussart

Super sexy looking guitar from Asher !

NAMM2016 D3 Asher

The new Revstar line from Yamaha looks petty cool. Can't avoid to notice the ressemblance with the Manta Ray model from Reverend though.

NAMM2016 D3 Yamaha

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Sunday: 4 Amigos Vintage Guitar Show

For a change on the afternoon we want with a couple of friends to a Vintage guitar show which took place 20min from the Convention Center. It was a lot of fun and refreshing to see all those great old guitars after the avalanche of novelty of the NAMM!

4 Amigos Guitar Show website:

4 Amigos Guitar Show hall

4 Amigos Guitar Show - Les Paul

4 Amigos Guitar Show - Strats

Live update

To get all the live update, here are the different channels:

Snapchat The Guitar Channel: pierrejournel


Snapchat Story of the day

Until the next article about the NAMM, keep on playing the guitar !


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