Creation of the Spanish luthier association: the CSGB, Contemporary Spanish Guitar Builders

I have recently received a mail from Francisco Rodriguez, luthier for FranFret Guitars, where he told me about the creation of the CSGB, a new association in Spain to gather all the guitar builders, similar to what the EGB ( is doing at the European level and the APLG ( in France. You can read the press release for the details.

I wish the this new association all the best for the future.

The CSGB can count on The Guitar Channel to be a strong partner for its upcoming projects and initiatives.


Press Release of the CSGB

The past April 4th 2015 a few Spanish luthiers gathered to create the CSGB  which stands for Contemporary Spanish Guitar Builders. This association wants to preserve the luthier profession as well as working with the idea of where the market of handmade guitars is going to.


Why Contemporary

Because in Spain it didn't exist any association who put together the electric guitar, basses and electro acoustic builders.

For what

We want to show which is the real value, high quality and exclusivity of a handmade instrument, because our customers get an unique instrument who fits perfect to their style and requirements, instead of manufactured instruments where the power of the brand and marketing is the real value.

From CSGB we want to spread the word saying that all of our members work together to offer high quality level instruments focused in the quantity of quality and where the main beneficiary are all the guitar and bass players.

For more info, CSGB website:

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