Jens Ritter instruments – 2014 Holy Grail Guitar show

Jens Ritter is one of the guitar designer you know even though you don't know his name for sure. That's usually how popular his designs are. I was very happy to meet him and do an interview during the show (see an extract below).

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One of the innovation brought by Jens for the Holy Grail Guitar Show was this incredible guitar based on his famous Princess Isabella model covered by real Converse fabric logo. Note that the dots on the neck are actual shoelace holes from the Converse shoes.






Extract of the interview with Jens Ritter

The video above is an extract of the interview
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The Backstage Pass will allow you to view as well as the other interviews done in Berlin with guitar building legends such as William "Grit" Laskin, Michihiro Matsuda, Juha Ruokangas and many more.




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