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Listed below are the physical events organized by The Guitar Channel : Gear EveningMasterclass and Conferences.


LCG_img_mediatorcheck 23/03 : Gear Evening - Soultool, Maybach, Anasounds, IT-11 Audio, Reverb.com Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 09/03 : Happy Hour at the bar La Prévoyance (Vincennes, France) Facebook / Meetup Happy Hour
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 23/02 : Gear Evening - D'Angelico, Walrus Audio, Positive Grid, Pedaltrain Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 11/02 : Fingerpicking Masterclass - François Sciortino Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 10/01 : Happy Hour at the Dr Feelgood Happy Hour


LCG_img_mediatorcheck 10/12 : Matthieu Lucas Vintage Guitare exhibition Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 05/11 : Après-midi luthier Mikaël Springer Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 04/11 : Soirée luthier Mikaël Springer Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  24/06 : Michel Haumont - Fingerpicking (Replay vidéo) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  07/06 : Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert - Les clefs du Jazz  (Replay vidéo) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 19/05 : Kelt Amplification, IT-11, L'échoppe de Sophie Gear Evening
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  14/04 : Neck Bros (François Hubrecht et Arnaud Leprêtre) (Replay vidéo) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  27/02 : Renaud Louis-Servais - La Guitare Fusion (Replay vidéo) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 18/02 : Maurice Dupont, FX Amps, Anasounds, Verspieren Gear Evening


LCG_img_mediatorcheck 13/11 : La Guitare Vintage par André Duchossoir et Arnaud Legrand Conférence
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  25/05 : Zane Carney  (Video replay) Masterclass


LCG_img_mediatorcheck  27/11 : Jean-Michel Kajdan - Le Modern Blues (Replay vidéo) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck  25/06 : Zane Carney (Video replay) Masterclass
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 29/05 : Apéro Riff #3 Apéro Riff


LCG_img_mediatorcheck 05/12 : Apéro Riff #2 Apéro Riff
LCG_img_mediatorcheck 30/05 : Apéro Riff #1 Apéro Riff

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To add an event to this calendar,
mail Pierre at pjournel@gmail.com with all the details

To add an event to this calendar,
mail Pierre at pjournel@gmail.com with all the details

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