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Leo Guitars: interview with the luthier Darko Milojevic

Here's an interview with luthier Darko Milojevic from Leo Guitars ( during the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show. Darko has been building guitars for 7 years now so knows what he is talking about and the high quality of his instruments shows it. Reinterpreting the Les Paul theme is not that easy, especially when you want to bring your own special flavour to this timeless classic of the electric guitar.

Nik Huber luthier chronicle - The Guitar Channel
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Nik Huber on the Holy Grail Guitar Show

In this new Luthier Chronicle I asked Nik Huber what was his opinion about the Holy Grail Guitar Show which had its first edition in November 2014 in Berlin and which will happen again at the end of this month.

Website of the Holy Grail Guitar show:

The Holy Grail Guitar show is an event organized by the luthiers for the luthiers and it makes all the difference.

The European Guitar Builders is a professional association for european luthier.

Here's a double Michael Spalt interview I did during the Salon de la Belle Guitare of the festival Guitares au Beffroi ( which took place in Montrouge near Paris in March 2015. Austrian luthier Michael Spalt was there as an exhibitor and as the president of the European Guitar Builders (EGB). One of the main activity of the EGB is the organization of the Holy Grail Guitar Show where I went for the first edition in Berlin last year.

So we did two interviews instead of one! The one above is the one about his life as a luthier.

Kari Nieminen is the luthier for Versoul Guitars in Finland ( I discover his work while in Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show. As Kari has built several guitars for one of my all time favorite guitar player, Billy F.

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Ruokangas Luthier Chronicle with Juha

The video above is a teaser for a series of nine chronicles recorded with master luthier Juha Ruokangas from Ruokangas Guitars ( After doing an interview with Juha during the first Holy Grail Guitar Show, I wanted to go even deeper into the lutherie world and start the Luthier Chronicle to learn more about the wonderful instrument we all love.

2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show photo album - Day 1
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2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show photos – Day 1

Below are a small selections of the 200+ photos I took during the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Juha Ruokangas interview - Builder of the Captain Nemo guitar and the Valvebucker
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Juha Ruokangas interview – Builder of the Captain Nemo guitar and the Valvebucker

Juha Ruokangas was one of the guitar builder I really wanted to meet during the Holy Grail Guitar Show, that's why I was thrilled to do a 45min video interview with him. Juha has established a brand so highly regarded in the guitar world that I had a tons of questions to ask him.

The 2014 Holy Grail Guitar show: the best luthier show in the world

Let me say it upfront the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show was a great success. It is without doubt the best luthiers salon I've ever been to.

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All the video interviews done during the first day of the Holy Grail Guitar show are now available exclusively for the Backstage Pass owners.

List of the interviewees

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All the videos from Day 1 of the Holy Grail Guitar show
Michihiro Matsuda interview - A living legend of guitar building

There were so many great guitar builders in Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show that it was a tough job to do a selection. Here's a Michihiro Matsuda interview.

I had the pleasure to meet Frank Deimel during the 2nd edition of Guitares au Beffroi. I saw his booth at the Musikmesse but did not have the opportunity to interview him so I was super happy to have in on video at Montrouge and ask him some guitar questions. To tell you the truth