Zane Carney interview about the 2015 NAMM show and more
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Zane Carney interview about the 2015 NAMM show and more

Zane Carney interview full 35min video interview

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Subjects covered in the interview

Latest update from Zane
All the discoveries Zane did during the 2015 NAMM show
All the info about his collaboration with Hofner for a signature model
Demo of the Jazzica prototype guitar
What to be expected during his european tour
Upcoming news of news music to expect in 2015

Zane demoing his Hofner Jazzica

Can't wait to see Zane live in Paris, hopefully something will happen.

Philip Sayce is a guitar player who already had a very rich career in the music business. He's is really making his thing with a lot of passion and a huge talent. For the release of Influence, his latest album, I had the pleasure to do a Skype interview.

Jon Herington interview at the Olympia Hall in Paris, France

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I had the pleasure to do an audio interview with Jon Herington in 2011 for the release of his awesome solo album Shine, (Shine, Shine).

Here's an Adam Miller interview. Adam was in Paris for the promo tour of the Premier Builders Guild to demo the Baker guitars and the Tone King amps at Guitars Addicts (one of the best guitar shop we have in Paris, It was the perfect opportunity to do an audio interview guitar in hand with a musician who is as awesome on acoustic as he is on electric.

Robert Cray interview (@RobertCrayBand)
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Robert Cray interview in Paris

Back in May 2014, Robert Cray was in Paris to promote his latest album "In My Soul".

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Matt Schofield interview, a blues great

Here's the interview with Matt Schofield recorded in Paris on December 13th 2013 while he was doing some promotion for his "Far As I Can See" album.


Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Do I need to write an introduction for Warren Haynes? He was in Paris for a concert with Govt Mule so I jumped on the opportunity to interview him guitar in hand to talk about Shout!, the latest Mule release, about his career so far, about his approach to guitar and many more.

Extracts from Shout!

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Zane Carney masterclass video – Part 4/4 #Backstage

Here’s the fourth part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The first part is here, the second here and the third here.



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Zane Carney masterclass video – Part 3/4 #Backstage

Here’s the third part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The first part is here, the second here and the fourth here.



Here’s the second part out of four of the 2 plus hour masterclass Zane Carney gave in Paris at Guitars Addicts on June 25th, 2014.

The first part is here, the third here and the fourth here.



Here's a Skype video interview recorded in February with Zane Carney, the awesome John Mayer guitar player. Zane has been playing with John on stage and in the studio for some time now. He also has a busy solo career with 2 very cool albums we talked about in the interview.

Note: sorry for the audio levels on the video recording.

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When Derek Trucks was in town for the Tedeschi Trucs Band at the Olympia Hall, I had the opportunity to go on stage and take pics of all the stage gear.

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Derek Trucks was in Paris with the Tedeschi Trucks Band for a show at the Olympia. I jumped on the opportunity to do a video interview of Dereks. Above is an extract of the video.
Free version
A short version of the interview is available in audio below and via a downloadable podcast (iTunes link).

Backstage Pass version
The full length of the interview is in this reserved article for the Backstage Pass owners.

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Derek Trucks interview (@DerekAndSusan)

Here's the full length interview of Derek Trucks done right before the Paris concert at the Olympia of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


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Jonny Lang fights for his soul
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Jonny Lang fights for his soul

In June 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny Lang for the release of his album "Fight For My Soul." You can see an excerpt of the interview video above.

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Jonny Lang fights for his soul
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Interview of Jonny Lang fighting for his soul

In June 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny Lang for the release of his album "Fight For My Soul."
Subject discussed in the interview
+ His first guitar
+ His influences
+ The relationship between singing and guitar playing
+ The genesis of Fight For My Soul
+ The equipment used for recording
+ His wisdom advice for musicians
+ Upcoming projects
+ And many other things

Thanks to Lisa Ortola and Romain Marengo from the great Jonny Lang fan website, here's a full written transcription of the interview.

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Greg Koch interview (aka @Mansqwatch) at the 2014 @Musikmesse
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Greg Koch interview at the 2014 Musikmesse

Greg Koch interview - Greg was all over the Musikmesse 2014, from the Fishman booth to demo their new Fluence pickups, to the Fender booth and also on the big Agora stage. In this interview Greg talks about those new pickups, about this trio setup specially for the Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles on bass and vocal and Nicolas Viccaro on drums.
Greg Koch interview

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It was a blast to see him play.

Greg Koch audio interview (aka @mansqwatch): a huge guitar player with humour

Here's a Greg Koch audio interview. Greg is a star on the Internet because of his countless awesome demos on YouTube but he is in fact much more than that.

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The Guitar Channel Video Chronicle

Here's a video chronicle in a magazine format packed with news, mini gear reviews and interviews from Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan who were in Paris for the european tour of the Winery Dogs and Eric Bibb, a great bluesman who is about to release a superb album called Jericho Road.


News from The Guitar Channel
Giveaway to win the great book from Jean-Pierre Danel The Legend of the Fender Stratocaster
Mini gear reviews of picks : the Chicken Picks and the ergonomic Niglo
Eric Bibb interview (short version) - The long version is here for the Backstage pass owners

Malina Moye
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Malina Moye interview: K*Yotic groove

Malina Moye sings well, plays lead guitar and is able to be a real performer on stage. An artist who puts a good dose of six strings in Funk, a style of music where our favorite instrument does not play a leading role in general, deserved an interview on The Guitar Channel.

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@EricBibb interview (long version) #Backstage

Exclusively for the Backstage pass owners, here's the full version of the Eric Bibb interview I did with him for the release of his album Jericho Road.


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I  already said several times, there is a lack of women in the guitar community so when the opportunity arises to interview a musician like Ana Popovic class, I jump at the chance.

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Here's an original backing track from Fred Chapellier, great French guitar bluesman, who composed the tune "Gary's Gone" to pay hommage to Gary Moore death in February 2011.

Link to the "Gary's Gone" backing track
Here's a Spotify player to listen to the original version :


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Donal Gallagher interview (Rory’s brother)

It's a very special interview I propose you in this show because you might not know that but I am a big fan of Rory Gallagher who died in 1995 so I jumped on the occasion to interview Rory's brother, Donal, who followed him a lot on the road and who his taking care of Rory's legacy now.

In this interview Donal tells the whole story about how Rory almost joined the Rolling Stones after Mick Taylor quit in 1974.

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Simon McBride interview (@smcbridemusic)

I was very happy to interview Simon McBride (aka @smcbridemusic) via Skype as his music kept on showing up when I did some listening in shuffle mode to go through all the music I receive.

And each time it happened I said to myself  "I really MUST have this guy in the show!".

That's the method I use: I hit play and if the music I hear interests me I take a note.

Clare Free
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Clare Free interview (@ClareFree1)

I am very happy to present you with the second interview on the Channel of a women guitar player with Clare Free (aka @ClareFree1).

As a reminder the first women interviewed was Heike Matthiesen whom I interviewed in french in episode #103 at last year MusikMesse.

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Last week in episode #145 I published the interview with Eric Bibb, now is the time to enjoy a song performed by him and beautifuly filmed as always by my usual partner in crime for video, Nicolas Esposito (aka @nesposit) from Rendez-Vous Création.

The link to Nicolas's blog post on his own website is here.



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@EricBibb interview: Deeper In The Well

It's a great pleasure for me to present you with a second interview with the great blues man Eric Bibb (aka @ericbibb). The first one is in episode #68.

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Philip Sayce - Steamroller
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Philip Sayce interview – Steamroller time!

Philip Sayce (aka @philipsayce on Twitter) is a very prolific and talented singer and guitar player, here he is with another very powerful album called Steamroller (Release date: February 27th 2012).

To speak about it we did a Skype interview just last week so, hot from the press if I can say, here is the second interview of Philip on The Guitar Channel (the first one is in this episode).

Steamroller extracts played before the interview

Black Train



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