Trulletto Records, Sebastiano Lillo interview at the Guitar Show Padova

Interview wit the musician Sebastiano Lillo from Trulletto Records (Bandscamp) during the Guitar Show in Padova, Italy Sebastiano Lillo interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more info:Luthier ArchivesPadova Reports

Here is a guitar in hand video interview with the American musicien Popa Chubby well known to usually 200 shows per year. He presents his latest album Tinfoil Hat and how he has adapted to the pandemic situation. Take a listen to the album as I think it is one of the best Popa Chubby

Jeff McErlain guitar in hand interview from Brooklyn with Robben Ford sideman

Jeff McErlain ( is a professional American guitar player who plays very often with the great Robben Ford. In fact in 2019, Jeff released the album titled Now where Robben is featured in all tracks, some of which he composed. Here is a guitar in hand interview recorded via Zoom from his studio in Brooklyn,

Josh Smith live interview from his Flat Five studio in Los Angeles

The American guitar player and singer Josh Smith ( was my guest for a live interview from his Flat Five studio in Los Angeles. Here is the full recording of this Skype call. Josh Smith interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below:

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JD Simo, the American Blues guitar player born in Chicago and now in Nashville presents his latest self-titled album in this Skype interview. It is always a pleasure to interview this musician who is always very generous in his answers and full of a communicative energy despite the bleak times we are going through. JD

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Sonny Landreth interview in Paris after the Jimmy Buffet shows

Sonny Landreth is a fabulous guitarist that I've seen many times on the stage at the Montreal Jazz Festival when I lived in Canada. He was in Paris as a side man for the American singer Jimmy Buffet for 3 concerts at La Cigale. Here he is being interviewed in a big Parisian hotel just

Neal Black interview about his album

Neal Black ( is an American bluesman well known in France and elsewhere in Europe where he has been touring for years. He has also collaborated in terms of songwriting with French artists such as Gaëlle Buswel and Fred Chapellier. In this FaceTime interview, he talks about his brand new album A Little Boom Boom

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Matt Schofield great Blues guitar player lockdown interview from Florida

As part of the Stay-at-Home period linked to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live interviews freely broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Live Interviews Schedule Matt Schofield interview The awesome UK born great Blues guitar player Matt Schofield was the guest for this lockdown interview live from

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As part of the Stay-at-Home period linked to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Guest: Oz Noy The Israel born and US based guitar player Oz Noy was my guest for this Stay-at-Home interview. He talks about his current projects and

Marcus King Band soundcheck in Paris, March 1st 2020 at L'Alhambra

On March 1st 2020, the Marcus King Band played in Paris, France in the Alhambra concert hall. The Guitar Channel was onsite to record an interview with Marcus and to capture the band during the soundcheck with Marcus blessing. Marcus King Band soundcheck Marcus King amps Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Marcus King ( is not even 25 years old and already asserts himself as an incredible talented singer guitarist. In collaboration with Radio Perfecto Rock (, here is a guitar in hand interview carried out in his dressing room at the L'Alhambra concert hall just before his Parisian concert on March 1, 2020. As a

Kirk Fletcher interview guitar in hand - Joe Bonamassa guitar player and more

The American musician Kirk Fletcher was in Paris in June. A great opportunity to do a Guitar in Hand interview with this guitarist who regularly plays with Joe Bonamassa in addition to his personal projects. Kirk Fletcher interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Ana Popovic interview - Guitar in Hand -

For the 3rd time The Guitar Channel was doing an interview with the singer and guitar player Ana Popovic who proposes with "Like It on Top" a strong album very well produced. A great opportunity to do a Guitar in Hand interview before her concert at the New Morning in Paris. Summary of the full

Ben Harper press conference - 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival

In general the exercise of the press conference is not very interesting because the format is very rigid and the answers just as framed. And yet, not being able to interview Ben Harper directly during the 2018 edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival, I went without great expectations to this event and it was an

Master the 5 positions of the pentatonic scale in a 5 fret zone

In this lesson the exercise (or the torture, especially at the beginning) that Simon Ghnassia proposes to do has the goal to help you assimilate thoroughly the 5 positions of the pentatonic scales. The goal is to play all the pentatonic scale positions (in minor in this case) by changing position at each chord with

JD Simo guitar in hand interview - Rise & Shine

Here's a guitar in hand interview done at the Gibson France headquarters with the one and only JD Simo who was in Paris to promote his latest album Rise & Shine. As a bonus for this interview, JD played a gorgeous 2min30s improvised solo alone on the guitar: a rare and precious moment! JD Simo

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd interview – Lay It On Down

Kenny Wayne Shepherd continues a career filled with excellent albums. Lay It On Down is no exception and offers a beautiful collection of Blues, Blues/Rock and Country songs. It will not change the face of the world, it does not invent much but God, it is excellent music!! In the interview below Kenny talks about how

Eric Bibb is a very prolific musician who is now releasing Migration Blues, a magnificent album about a theme which is very tragically present in the news. Supported by the French harp player Jean-Jacques Milteau and by Michael Jerome Browne for a multitude of stringed instruments (guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.), Eric delivers here a masterly work that is a treat to listen to.

JD Simo interview - The 1962 ES-335 is back!
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JD Simo interview with his beloved 1962 ES-335

JD Simo was in Paris for a concert at the New Morning, a great opportunity to do an interview with this gifted guitarist with incredible energy on stage. During the last interview with him he had a splendid Les Paul vintage around his neck, this time it is armed with his 1962 ES 335 that he answered my questions.

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Popa Chubby guitar in hand - Video interview
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Popa Chubby guitar in hand about The Catfish

Popa Chubby is quite a character so imagine doing an interview Guitar in Hand to talk about his latest album The Catfish.

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Joanne Shaw Taylor goes Wild – Video interview

Joanne Shaw Taylor is a British musician now installed in the United-States who proposes a powerful Blues with her soulful voice and great guitar playing. Her latest album titled Wild is excellent.

Matt Schofield interview at the 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival

Here's Matt Schofield interview done during the 2016 Montreal Jazzfest. Matt had just arrived from Miami where he now lives. We talked for more than 30min about his life on the road, his views on the music business, his SVL Guitars and many more subjects.

Matt's website:
Matt Schofield interview at the Montreal Jazzfest

Matt Schofield in The Guitar Channel archives
In 2013, The Guitar Channel interviewed Matt for the first time when he was promoting his Far As I Can See album.

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Ana Popovic interview about her triple album Trilogy

Here's Ana Popovic interview done in Paris to talk about her triple album called Trilogy. You have to admit that it takes a lot of courage to release a triple album nowadays. Ana proposes three different moods in those three CDs: Blues, Funk and Jazz. It's the second time I meet Ana, last time was in 2013 in audio, this time we did it in video.

Colin James was part of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival to play several nights. We did this interview Guitar in Hand right on the stage of the Théatre du Nouveau Monde ( right before the concert. It's always a lot of fun and much more interesting to do the interview Guitar in Hand. The concerts given by Colin James during the festival were excellent, the sound quality was really good and the band behind him was excellent.

Interview guitar in hand with the Big, Bad and Beautiful Popa Chubby

It's always an experience to interview such a colorful musician like Popa Chubby, this time we did it Guitar in Hand.

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Interview with Eric Bibb digging for Lead Belly’s gold

It's always a pleasure to do an interview with Eric Bibb as he is very generous and thoughtful in his answers. Eric has just released and album with harp player Jean-Jacques Milteau mostly around Lead Belly songs and a couple pf compositions by the duo.

Guitar wise, in this interview Eric is playing an all mahogany Larson Bros guitar ( built by Maurice Dupont ( in France.

Album Review
The 16 song album is excellent to revisit with a new twist all the Lead Belly repertoire.

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Philip Sayce interview – 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival

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Let's face it, I am a huge fan of Philip Sayce.

Here's an unreleased audio interview with Oz Noy that I did back in 2013. There's no good reason why I waited so long to release it as I really dig the Twisted Blues Vol. 1 album so here it is now for your listening pleasure.

My attention was brought to Oz by a friend of mine who is also a pro guitar player, Jean-Michel Kajdan (merci Jean-Mi !).

When I used to live in Montreal I had the great pleasure to see Sonny Landreth live a couple of times during the Jazz Festival (where I will be next week for the first time officially for The Guitar Channel), it was always a blast to see him play so I jumped on the opportunity to interview him for the release of his latest album Bound by the Blues.

Until the next podcast, keep on playing the guitar,


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Last year I had the pleasure to do an audio interview with Warren Haynes, this time we did it again but in video in between the Govt Mule sound check and the concert in Paris.