Gene Baker is a very famous guitar builder with a huge experience in the field. He now leads B3 Guitars his own brand within the Premier Builders Guild. He has a very rich career in the guitar building business. He worked for many guitar greats such as Robben Ford.

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Bill Krinard interview, Two Rock amps tone guru
Bill Krinard interview, Two Rock Amps tone guru at the 2015 NAMM show

During the 2015 NAMM show I had the pleasure to meet and interview tone guru Bill Krinard who his the mastermind behind the Two-Rock amps (

Here's the interview done with Ola Englund from Sweden at the 2015 NAMM show.

2015 NAMM – Photo album day 4 #Backstage

Photo albums

Day 1 
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 (this post)

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2015 NAMM – Photo album day 3 #Backstage

Photo albums

Day 1 
Day 2
Day 3 (this post)
Day 4

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2015 NAMM – Photo album day 2 #Backstage

Photo albums

Day 1 
Day 2 (this post)
Day 3
Day 4

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2015 NAMM – Photo album day 1 #Backstage

Photo albums

Day 1 (this post)
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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Doug Kauer interview, luthier for Kauer Guitars

Here's a Doug Kauer interview. Meeting with Doug in Berlin during the Holy Grail Guitar Show was one of the highlight for me as I am a big fan of the look of his guitars.

Sophie Dockx interview from Dorian Guitars

There is not a lot of women in the world of lutherie so I am always ready to jump on one when I meet one. So here's a Sophie Dockx interview. Sophie was at the Holy Grail Guitar show for Dorian Guitars. She is guitar luthier but for Dorian she is the designer of the instruments.

Ulrich Teuffel is one of the reason I came to Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show. In fact when we met earlier this year in Francfort for the Musikmesse, he told me at the end of the interview we did there that I really should come to Berlin. At the time it seemed like a distant project I was not sure I could finance.

Jens Ritter interview at the Holy Grail Guitar show
Jens Ritter interview at the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Jens Ritter is one of the guitar designer you know even though you don't know his name for sure. That's usually how popular his designs are.

Interview of Sylvan from @RelishGuitars at the @HolyGrailGuitar show
Interview of Silvan from Relish Guitars at the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Relish Guitars are made out of aluminium. I had already heard about their product and thought it was interesting to learn some more about their technology.

Jersey Girl Homemade guitars: interview with luthier Kaz Goto
Jersey Girl Homemade guitars: interview with luthier Kaz Goto

During the first Holy Grail Guitar Show I had the great pleasure to meet the luthiers from Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars from Japan Miss Akiko Oda and Mr Kaz Goto.

Stephan Forte interview: Enigma Opera Black, his latest album
Stephan Forte interview: Enigma Opera Black, his latest album

Stéphan Forté is one of those French musician who is more famous in the rest of the world than in his home country.

Here's the interview with Mark Tremonti at the 2014 Hellfest right before he went onstage with Alter Bridge.

Bernie Marsden interview in Paris

Bernie Marsden is one of those guitarists found in the lineup of bands from UFO to Whitesnake not to mention countless collaborations.

Jonathan Kreisberg interview, one of the hottest Jazz player around

Jonathan Kreisberg was in Paris for a tour with Doctor Lonnie Smith.

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  • DerekPJ

When Derek Trucks was in town for the Tedeschi Trucs Band at the Olympia Hall, I had the opportunity to go on stage and take pics of all the stage gear.

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Here's the full length interview of Derek Trucks done right before the Paris concert at the Olympia of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


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William Grit Laskin interview at the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar Show

Here's a William Grit Laskin interview done at the 2014 Holy Grail Guitar show. Grit was one of the special guest for this very first edition of the show.

Chris Squire interview - Bass player for @YesOfficial
Chris Squire interview – Legendary bass player for Yes

The band Yes was in Paris for one night to play 3 legendary albums in full at the Grand Rex, I took the opportunity to do an exclusive video interview with Chris Squire right before the show.

Jonny Lang fights for his soul

In June 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny Lang for the release of his album "Fight For My Soul."
Subject discussed in the interview
+ His first guitar
+ His influences
+ The relationship between singing and guitar playing
+ The genesis of Fight For My Soul
+ The equipment used for recording
+ His wisdom advice for musicians
+ Upcoming projects
+ And many other things

Thanks to Lisa Ortola and Romain Marengo from the great Jonny Lang fan website, here's a full written transcription of the interview.

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Greg Koch interview (aka @Mansqwatch) at the 2014 @Musikmesse

Greg Koch interview - Greg was all over the Musikmesse 2014, from the Fishman booth to demo their new Fluence pickups, to the Fender booth and also on the big Agora stage. In this interview Greg talks about those new pickups, about this trio setup specially for the Musikmesse with Yolanda Charles on bass and vocal and Nicolas Viccaro on drums.
Greg Koch interview

Get your Backstage Pass to watch the video interview with Greg.

It was a blast to see him play.

Heike Matthiesen has been a regular guest on the show. Each time I come to the Musikmesse I interview her. Each time it's a lot of fun to talk to such a passionate musician.

Ulrich Teuffel has some very innovative design ideas that he has implemented in his instruments over the years (see photos below).

Nik Huber has a well deserved reputation amongst guitar builders. I had a blast talking to him and getting to know his work better.

2014 Musikmesse Paul Reed Smith interview
2014 Musikmesse Paul Reed Smith interview (@PRSguitars)

It's the 3rd time I have the huge pleasure to meet Paul Reed Smith. The first time was in 2004, I was living in Montréal, Canada at the time and Paul was in town for a clinic. It was 5 years before I started The Guitar Channel so no need to say I did not do any interview.

The second time was 7 years later in 2011, it was my very first Musikmesse. I went straight to the PRS booth when I arrived in Frankfurt.

Here are the 12 backing tracks from Ivano Icardi's album "Walking with the Giants" : 75 Mb zip file

Please note that the file also includes an e-book with chord charts and transcriptions.

To allow you to study his music, Ivano has published on YouTube a series of cool videos where he shows at normal speed then at slow speed some key parts of his music.

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As a complement for Ivano Icardi interview in this episode, here is a bonus package with two full backing tracks with chord charts and transcriptions in PDF :

Funky Mama
The Snatch (in video below)

Link to the 79 Mb zip file

List of files in the 73 MB zip file:

1 - Funky Mama - Backing Track.wav
2 -The Snatch - Backing Track.wav
Funky Mama - Chord Chart.pdf
Funky Mama - Lick.pdf
Funky Mama - Main Riff.pdf
The Snatch - Chord Chart.pdf
The Snatch - Main Theme.pdf
The Snatch - Solo.pdf


Exclusively for the Backstage pass owners, here's the full version of the Eric Bibb interview I did with him for the release of his album Jericho Road.