The Matthieu Lucas affair – Let’s get this straight

Several points on Matthieu Lucas and his Matt's Guitar Shop:

+ The Guitar Channel has never had any business relationship with Matthieu Lucas. To tell you the whole story, he even paid for his subscription to The Guitar Channel like everyone else.

+ I have never worked for Matthieu or Matt's Guitar Shop.

+ I have never bought or sold a guitar to Matthieu.

+ I have never received a gift from him of any kind (guitar, pedal, etc.).

+ To be 100% transparent, I was invited by him a few times to the restaurant. The opposite has also happened.

+ The 3 events organized around his instruments were 100% at my expense. The entrance ticket covered my rental and organization costs.

+ All the interviews and chronicles recorded with Matthieu were at my initiative and without any payment or return of any form.


I was fooled by Matthieu and his stories, I take full responsibility for that. From a friendship point of view, it is of course disappointing. But hey, I'll get over it. I was not a close friend of the clan either.

I regret that this story ends like this. However, I keep in mind the fabulous guitars that I was able to approach thanks to Matthieu and the 3 guitar events I organized that some subscribers remembers very fondly.

As of now, it is no longer possible to give any visibility to Matthieu and his business. So I decided to unpublish all articles and videos where he appears. It's a pity because there were beautiful stories of guitars in all that.

This was the only decision to make.

Fortunately there are still some cool interviews to watch and more great guitar stories to tell.

Pierre Journel.

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