2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show - Video visit and debrief

To relive the 2018 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show, I invite you to watch this replay of the live broadcast made from Berlin on The Guitar Channel Facebook page. You will have a visit in the heart of this show that brings together the cream of the cream of the world luthiers in

2018 EGB symposium - Berlin
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2018 EGB symposium – Berlin – Full debrief

The EGB (European Guitar Builders association) organizes every year a symposium for its members, luthiers or guitar aficionados members of the association, with conferences dealing with many guitar subjects. This year it happened in Berlin right before the Holy Grail Guitar Show. www.europeanguitarbuilders.com EGB Symposium - Thursday May 3rd 2018 - Day 1 Here's the

Name : European Guitar Builders association
Type : associations of luthiers from Europe
Web : www.europeanguitarbuilders.com
The European Guitar Builders (EBG) association gathers luthier from Europe to promote the artisanal building of stringed instruments like guitars and basses.

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Guitares au Beffroi 2016: videos and take away

The Guitares au Beffroi 2016 festival just ended in Montrouge, just outside of Paris. It is time to make a summary of it. The Guitar Channel was an exhibitor at the guitar fair so this will be the main focus of the post.

Kudos to Armel Amiot, the guitar fair organizer (watch his interview here), who was able to organize an event in a difficult context.

Guitares au Beffroi website: www.guitaresaubeffroi.com

Snapchat stories of Guitares au Beffroi 2016
During the show I took a lot of short video clips with Snapchat. Those were compiled in Snapchat Story every day.

The European Guitar Builders is a professional association for european luthier.

Here's a double Michael Spalt interview I did during the Salon de la Belle Guitare of the festival Guitares au Beffroi (www.guitaresaubeffroi.com) which took place in Montrouge near Paris in March 2015. Austrian luthier Michael Spalt was there as an exhibitor and as the president of the European Guitar Builders (EGB). One of the main activity of the EGB is the organization of the Holy Grail Guitar Show where I went for the first edition in Berlin last year.

So we did two interviews instead of one! The one above is the one about his life as a luthier.