Joe Satriani is a regular at the festival Guitare en Scène because it is the 3rd time he plays it. It was for The Guitar Channel the opportunity to do a video interview just after the soundcheck of the evening concert. Note that the American guitarist played with his usual band consisting of Mike Keneally

Bryan Beller interview: one of the caballeros with the Aristocrats
Bryan Beller interview: one of the caballeros with the Aristocrats
Mike Keneally interview on stage during the Joe Satriani tour

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For the first time The Guitar Channel presents you with an interview with Mike Keneally done right on the prestigious stage of the Grand Rex in Paris before the Joe Satriani concert of the Shockwave Supernova world tour.

Bryan Beller interview (The Aristocrats): one of the best bass player of the moment

After Guthrie Govan in last episode, it is now the turn of Bryan Beller, also a member of the Aristocrats to answer my questions. I had already had the opportunity to interview Bryan in this episode, this time we talked about "Culture Clash" The Aristocrats 2nd studio album, his role as bassist scene behind Joe Satriani and many other things.

Extracts from "Culture Clash" played before the interview:

Cocktail Umbrellas
And Finally

As the last time we spoke via Skype, it was a lot of fun to interview Bryan who is very open about how he approaches music.

The Aristocrats is what you can call a super group with Guthrie Govan on the guitar, Bryan Beller on bass on Marco Minnemann on drums. I had the great opportunity to talk to 2 out of the 3 members of the band.

Here is part 1 of 2 with the interview of Bryan Beller who also played with none other than Steve Vai among many others.

I tremendously enjoyed the Aristocrats debut album.