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Riverside @Strymon overdrive pedal review – Powerhouse tone machine

Published on 2017-03-8

Until now Strymon proposed mainly pedals in the delay and modulation field, with the Riverside they are now getting in the overdrive business. The layout is the familiar one already used on the Flint, reviewed in this article, with its double foot switch.

Riverside Strymon overdrive pedal video review

Audio version of the review available in the podcast:

What I enjoyed the most

  • Manufacturing quality always at the top in Strymon
  • The variety of sounds
  • The favorite function for two sounds at the tip of the foot
  • The interface very well thought out
  • The ability to control the drive level with an expression pedal

What I enjoyed the least

  • Maybe a slight lack of personality


Strymon makes a powerful entry into the super congested area of the overdrive pedal. They bring their know-how for a very convincing result. One may just reproach this pedal for a slight lack of personality, although all this is so subjective that it is very relative. The Riverside is able to cover a LOT of grounds and is a true tone powerhouse!

Until the next gear review, keep on playing the guitar!


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