First Skype guitar lesson with @brunopelbac: I loved it!

We see more and more offers of guitar lessons via Skype, I admit I was ​​one of the skeptics until I tried it with Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert. Bruno is a pro Jazz guitar player based in San Francisco. He is French but is fully bilingual. In fact he teaches in a music university.

My goal for this Skype guitar lesson

My personal taste is definitely Rock so my goal in taking a lesson with Bruno was not to make me a Jazz musician but to expand my musical vocabulary through Jazz. So after explaining this to Bruno, he proposed to do one Skype lesson to go further. I really liked his approach he had explained in his interview in French, so I made ​​the jump with him.

Extract of the lesson in French

The results of this Skype guitar lesson

The video above is a compilation of several excerpts from the session of 45 minutes we had via Skype. Please note that it is in French as it is the mother tongue of Bruno but he is fully bilingual in English too. I want to say that it was not initially planned to release the video, it was only a way for me to keep an archive of the lesson and work by rewatching it.

As I was very happy with the result of this experience and after discussion with Bruno and with his permission I have decided to write this article to share the results.

One to one lesson is very personal, it is also what makes the value of the formula.

The teacher listens to the student and thus specifically address his requests.  The topics to be addressed during my lesson (work on a chord chart, soloing notes on the chart, use of the metronome, etc.) were the ones I wanted to address with Bruno.

The teacher listens his student
The teacher listens his student


I loved the formula.

After 45min of lesson, I took a lot of notes (that's why we often see me on the video not looking at my camera) and got a few weeks of work to exploit all the matter that Bruno had me delivered. Indeed even if the course helps a lot, in the end, there's no secret, you have to work between each course or it will not serve much.

Bruno offers to take courses via its website from $ 60 for an hour, I think the price / quality ratio is excellent. I was skeptical, I am now convinced of the viability of the formula provided the good professor is found.

So, tempted by the formula?


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