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Sardine Can compressor (and the best deal to get it) – Pedal Review

Published on 2014-09-5

The Sardine Can compressor from Celmo is a high quality pedal built in France. It sounds very musical whatever the settings you use on the pedal (watch the demo video to judge by yourself). On top of the standard compressor settings which are the compression rate and volume you can change the tone of the compressor with a three position input filter (again, watch the video to hear the different tones).

It also has a Rectifier mode which adds a touch of drive to your sound if you desire so. The color of the drive can be changed to violet, flat or brown. This feature makes this compressor pedal quite unique.

Celmo website: www.celmo.com/SardineCan/SardineCan_main.html

Sardine Can compressor review

Sardine Can Celmowww.celmo.com

260$ -> 192$ shipped to the US

20 units only





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ONE unit per customer

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+ For shipment outside of the US please contact pjournel@gmail.com
+ Shipping fee (delivery with signature) : USA / Canada: 33 US$, Europe: 18€, Rest of the world: 38US$

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