The best deal on the Pimento overdrive pedal !

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pimento fond blancwww.pimentocelmo.com
Overdrive pedal with Sag emulator

185$ -> 149$ shipped

Includes 1 month Backstage Pass

20 units only



+ 1 unit per person
+ Any question: mail Pierre at pjournel@gmail.com

Order (payment by PayPal or credit card)


Pimento pedal + Shipment to the US + 1 month Backstage pass

More information

+ For shipment outside of the US please contact pjournel@gmail.com
+ Shipping fee (delivery with signature) : USA / Canada: 33 US$, Europe: 18€, Rest of the world: 38US$
+ YouTube video: Pimento demo in a Larry Carlton style
Premier Guitar article about the Pimento

Couverture Premier Guitar Pimento

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4 Responses to The best deal on the Pimento overdrive pedal !

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  2. […] Pimento by Celmo (which you can get at 40% off for a limited time, more info here) + Riff Shooter by JMB Experience + 2 Fuzz pedals, 2 overdrives and the awesome Lucy’s Drive […]

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