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For the release of his solo album Transition I had the pleasure to meet Steve Lukather for a video interview. I have fond memories of playing over and over a VHS tape (yes, I am that old) where Steve explained his licks so you can imagine I was quite thrilled to meet the man himself.

Subjects discussed during the interview

+ His new guitar, the Luke III from Ernie Ball Music Man
+ The recording of his latest solo album Transition (which I think is great)
+ His guitar playing over the years
+ His current projects
+ And many more

Steve Lukather 151112As usual this interview is available in video on YouTube and in audio format in mp3 via the podcast.

Extracts from Transition played in the audio version

+ Transition
+ Creep Motel
+ Rest Of The World
+ Smile (the superb instrumental song we talk about in the interview)




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4 Responses to Steve Lukather interview (@SteveLukather)

  1. Brad Hilton says:

    Great interview! Steve is one of me all time favorite guitarists. I’ve been following his music since the first Toto album came out in ’78. His solo stuff has such a good and complex feel to it. I pre-ordered Transition (should be here next week)! Rock On!

  2. […] Get your Backstage pass to access the full video and audio version of this interview in this reserved article […]

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